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Couch Growers Sunshine Coast

As local Couch Growers Sunshine Coast, Coolhaven Turf are the number one choice for your new lawn.

We have years of farming experience and have been working in the turf industry for over 4 years, so we have the expert knowledge to help you choose the right turf for your home.

From our turf farm straight to your house, we deliver your new lawn as quickly as possible to ensure your grass is as fresh as it can be.

We’re happy to give any advice or answer any questions you may have. Give us a call on 0409 549 603 or enquire online here.

Buy direct from the farm

When it comes to laying turf, it can be easy to cut corners and find quick solutions. But here’s a few reasons why buying from a turf farm is the best option:

  • When buying straight from the farm, you get turf that is either cut that morning or the night before – so you know it’s always fresh.
  • When you buy from somewhere else it could be sitting for a few days before being purchased. This means it could have dead patches and take a long time to revive, even if it looks okay at first.
  • The turf will get heat stressed sitting on pallets, at all times of the year, and in summer it can take only a matter of hours.

Benefits of having Wintergreen Couch Turf

At Coolhaven Turf we offer a range of 4 different types of turf but find that the Wintergreen is definitely the top choice if you’re restricted by budget.

  • It’s a hearty turf and can handle pretty much anything thrown at it. We find it’s the perfect choice for families who want a durable yet soft lawn at an economic price.
  • It’s used extensively in home lawns, council parks and housing estates making it the most common choice in Queensland.
  • It holds its colour well throughout the year and particularly well throughout winter months.
  • With a good wear tolerance, it’s perfect for kids and super energetic pets to run around on.
  • This turf is also perfect for drought conditions as it is low on water demand.

Why Choose Coolhaven Turf?

  • Total Transparency – with us what you see is what you get. We’ll provide you with the best product we have and answer any questions you have.
  • Our customers come first – we will guide you through the decision making process and help you choose the best turf product to suit your needs, equipping you with all the necessary to care for your new lawn.
  • We believe in giving you, our customer, value for money – we will provide you with the best product and realistic pricing.
  • We can cover a bigger area – As we both grow and transport all our turf, we cater for and provide our services to a bigger area in South East and Central Queensland.

Couch Grass Growers Sunshine Coast

Don’t let your old and dull lawn be the focus of your home. Replace your lawn with Coolhaven Turf today. Phone 0409 549 603 or enquire online here.

Growing and laying turf is what Coolhaven Turf can do best. We provide turf laying services to the Sunshine Coast to South East and Central Queensland.

Family Owned and Operated – Coolhaven Turf provides a variety of turf whether is’t for a big yard, small yard or even just a courtyard. Choose from Empire Zoysia, Prestige Buffalo, Sapphire Buffalo and Wintergreen Couch here at Coolhaven Turf.

If your lawn is letting you down, maybe it’s time to check out our variety of turf. Contact us on 0409 549 603, send us an email on or alternatively enquire online.

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