How to Care for New Turf Brisbane

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  • How to care for New Turf Brisbane

How to Care for New Turf Brisbane

So you have a new lawn but you need a few handy tips on how to care for new turf Brisbane? Coolhaven Turf have the answers for you.

Known as South East Queensland’s best turf supplier, we pride ourselves on our experience, knowledge and friendly service when it comes to growing and laying turf for our customers.

We’re always here to answer any questions you have on our product range and what’s involved in our turf laying process – even how to best care for your new lawn!

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New Turf Care Brisbane

So, all the hard work is done and your new grass is taking pride and place in your yard, but what comes next?

The first few weeks establishing new turf are important to ensure your grass has a long sustainable life.

If you follow this handy guide, you’ll see years and years of happy growth.

  • Firstly, you need a good watering system – think garden hose and sprinkler, or soaker hose. You need to make sure everywhere gets moisture for 3 weeks.
    – The first watering should be very generous, almost enough to drown the lawn.
    – Every water after this should be designed to keep the grass cool.
    – In Summer it might need watering 4 times per day but just a sprinkling.
    – In Winter, with less transpiration and evaporation, you’d expect that your new lawn doesn’t need as much water.

– Then you scale back to 1 watering per day.

  • Secondly, around 2-3 weeks, give your turf its first light mowing (top setting, just taking the tiny tips off, we’re only talking a few mm). This tells the grass not to grow up, and encourages it’s root system to bed down and the grass to thicken up on the surface.
  • Then after 3 weeks give it a good fertilizer.
  • Each week after this, keep it mowed regularly, on a top 3 setting, keeping it as long as practical.
  • A length of about 45mm – 50mm from the root system to top of the blade works well for the grass.

How to care for New Turf Brisbane

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