How to Lay Turf

  • How to lay turf

How to Lay Turf

It’s not something most people do every day, so we’ve put together our best tips on how to lay turf, to help give your grass the best start.

As a turf farm on the Sunshine Coast, we have a lot of experience in turf laying, we can help you choose the right type of lawn to suit your yard and guide you through the turf laying process where needed.

To find out more about laying your own turf continue reading below.

Tools You’ll Need

Being prepared for the job at hand is the best way to go. So, in order to lay your new turf, before you start, you should have:

  • Hat, gloves, lots of water
  • Wheelbarrow (to carry the turf around)
  • Sharp shovel, a knife or machete to cut the grass when needed
  • Friends to make the job go faster
  • Rake to level out soil
  • Turf roller (can hire from places like Kennards)

How to Lay Turf

Here is your step-by-step guide to laying turf:

  1. Scrape existing soil with a rake to even out lumps and bumps. Take a look at our full blog on preparing to lay turf.
  2. Put down Underturf (to minimum 25mm thickness).
  3. Start at the back of the garden and work your way forwards (to avoid going back over the newly laid turf).
  4. Lay the slabs of turf in a brick pattern (so that there aren’t too many cut edges together, they are vulnerable).
  5. Make sure the green side goes up.
  6. Butt the edges of the slabs close together to protect the edges and try to help them take, but don’t overlap them.
  7. Roll the turf after it’s been laid to make sure the roots are in contact with the soil.
  8. Water the soil to keep it moist and cool.

For tips on how to look after your freshly laid turf, see our blogs on how to fertalise new turf and how to care for new turf.

If you need any further advice please contact our team on 0409 549 603.

Extra Hints and Tips to help with Laying Turf

  • Remember to keep your core on when bending over so you don’t hurt your back.
  • Laying turf is sweaty work, keep hydrated and stick to water, save the beers for after or you’ll get crooked lines.
  • Bribe some friends with beers to make the job easier.
  • Avoid walking back over the turf you’ve laid so that the slabs stay butted up to each other.
  • Try to stay off the grass while it’s soft underneath (and after big waterings) until the roots have taken and the soil has compacted a little. Otherwise you may create dips and divots.

How to lay Turf

Whether it’s a brand-new lawn or you’re replacing the old grass, Coolhaven Turf can guide you through the steps on how to lay turf.

Chat with our team today by phoning us on 0409 549 603 or enquire online here.

Growing and laying turf is what Coolhaven Turf can do best. We provide turf laying services to the Sunshine Coast to South East and Central Queensland.

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