Preparing Clay Soil for Lawn

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Preparing Clay Soil for Lawn

If you’re looking to put down new grass, but are concerned about the foundations, here’s a few tips and tricks about preparing clay soil for lawn.

It’s best to put in the groundwork before laying turf, as you don’t want to put in all the effort, to find your new grass won’t grow at all.

Keep reading for tips on how to prepare your soil, or if you want to know how to lay turf, read our blog here.

How to prepare clay soil for new lawn

How much do you know about what lies under the surface when laying new turf? It actually makes a difference to how your new grass will grow, so it’s best to ensure your soil is fully prepared.

It’s common in South East Queensland to have clay soil, which can be very hard and compacted, making it difficult for the turf roots to grow. We highly recommend putting Underturf down as the best choice of soil.

Underturf is loaded with nutrient enriched organics, providing your new turf with all the food and nutrient it needs.

However, if you know your soil has already had success at growing turf, take a look at our blog on preparing for laying turf.

When your soil is ready, it can help to take a look at our guide on how to lay turf.

Types of turf for clay soil

In our range we have four different types of turf – Empire Zoysia, Prestige Buffalo, Sapphire Buffalo and Wintergreen Couch.

We recommend you use turf that’s suited to naturally clay based soil so it has longevity. Our Sapphire Buffalo turf grows well in clay and is a versatile grass.

You can find out more about our grass recommendations for clay soil here.

Preparing Clay Soil for Lawn

Preparing clay soil for lawn is easy once you know how.

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