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  • Best grass for sandy soil

Best Grass for Sandy Soil

If you don’t know your underlay from your grass type, your turf experts Coolhaven Turf have all the information you need to lay the best grass for sandy soil. With the choice of some of the best turf around, Coolhaven Turf are proud to be South East Queensland’s best turf supplier. Whether it’s for a

  • How to care for New Turf Brisbane

How to Care for New Turf Brisbane

So you have a new lawn but you need a few handy tips on how to care for new turf Brisbane? Coolhaven Turf have the answers for you. Known as South East Queensland’s best turf supplier, we pride ourselves on our experience, knowledge and friendly service when it comes to growing and laying turf for

  • What is the difference between the types of turf

What is the Difference between the Types of Turf?

If you can’t tell one blade of grass from another, Coolhaven Turf are here to break it down and tell you about the difference between the types of turf. Whether you’re after a soft, leafy grass or a heavy wear resistant blade, we’ll help you choose the perfect match for your yard. So if your

  • Turf Suppliers North Brisbane

Turf Suppliers North Brisbane

If it’s time to replace your old, tired lawn, turn to Coolhaven Turf - we are your local turf suppliers North Brisbane. Not only do we grow and transport our own turf, but we can also remove your old grass before the new lawn goes down. From builders and developers to landscapers and home owners,