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  • Empire Zoysia Turf Supplier

Empire Zoysia Turf Supplier

If you’re looking for an Empire Zoysia Turf Supplier, Coolhaven Turf can provide you with the best quality turf, along with the best advice and export tips on how to make it last. As a leading provider of turf, Coolhaven Turf is a friendly and experienced team ready to answer all of your questions, no

  • Turf Pricing Sunshine Coast

Turf Pricing Sunshine Coast

At Coolhaven Turf, our goal is to provide our clients with a great product range and affordability in turf pricing Sunshine Coast. As the largest native turf grower, we offer our clients nothing but premium quality turf at the best prices. We can fulfil large and small orders but also offer wholesale pricing to businesses

  • Turf Pricing Brisbane

Turf Pricing Brisbane

Coolhaven Turf are the best in the business and competitive when it comes to turf pricing Brisbane. We offer our customers top quality turf solutions at affordable prices and will do our best to help when it comes to budgets as well. With small and large orders available, we also provide wholesale pricing to businesses

  • Turf Farm Sunshine Coast

Turf Farm Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for your nearest turf farm Sunshine Coast? Coolhaven Turf is the provider of premium quality turf available direct from the farm and delivered throughout Queensland. As the largest native turf grower, we happily offer our turf for sale to the general public, fulfilling both large and small orders with wholesale pricing also

  • Turf Suppliers Brisbane

Turf Suppliers Brisbane

If your lawn has up and died or you’re looking for a fresh new wave of green in your yard, Coolhaven Turf are the best in turf suppliers Brisbane. We are a family owned and operated business, growing and producing a range of turf for builders, landscapers, developers and the general public. Our turf products

  • Buffalo Grass Supplier Brisbane

Buffalo Grass Supplier Brisbane

When it comes to helping you grow a green lawn, we’re blades ahead of the rest at Coolhaven Turf – your Buffalo grass supplier Brisbane. Whether you’re an expert when it comes to turf or it’s your first purchase, our team is here to help offer the best advice to keep your grass as green

  • Buffalo Turf Brisbane

Buffalo Turf Brisbane

Coolhaven Turf is a leading supplier of Buffalo Turf Brisbane. We know all the tips and tricks to keep your lawn looking as great as the day it goes in. As local providers of the best range of Buffalo grass in Queensland, we’ll be laying lawn that will have you the envy of your street.

  • How much sun does grass need?

How much sun does grass need?

When it comes to your yard - how much sun does grass need to grow? At Coolhaven Turf, we have all the answers to your turf questions. We have been growing and laying turf for many years, providing our products to homeowners, developers, builders and landscapers. With 4 different turf varieties on offer, we know

  • Lawn Grubs South East Queensland

Lawn Grubs South East Queensland

If you have luscious green lawn that is being taken over by invaders – you may have a common problem, lawn grubs South East Queensland. But there is a way to try and prevent them from attacking your lawn and Coolhaven Turf is here to help. Coolhaven Turf knows that with laying and growing turf,

  • Lawn Care Queensland

Lawn Care Queensland

You’re enjoying the look and feel of freshly laid turf but now it’s time to keep it maintained with some lawn care Queensland - Coolhaven Turf have some tips for you on fertilising. Keeping your lawn in top condition and ensuring it is well looked after, could mean the difference between a happy, healthy lawn