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  • Preparing Clay soil for lawn

Preparing Clay Soil for Lawn

If you’re looking to put down new grass, but are concerned about the foundations, here’s a few tips and tricks about preparing clay soil for lawn. It’s best to put in the groundwork before laying turf, as you don’t want to put in all the effort, to find your new grass won’t grow at all.

  • Preparing Sandy soil for lawn

Preparing Sandy Soil for Lawn

If you’re preparing sandy soil for lawn, the team at Coolhaven Turf can give you the best advice. When it comes to laying new turf, preparation is key and it all starts with what lies beneath the surface. Soil is a big contributing factor when it comes to the growth of your lawn, so starting

  • How long does it take to lay turf?

How long does it take to lay Turf?

If you’re thinking about new grass for your garden – you’re probably asking yourself, how long does it take to lay turf? While it may seem like a relatively straightforward question, the answer depends on a number of factors including your yard size, soil type and how you have pre-prepared the yard for your new

  • Best Soil for Turf Underlay

Best Soil for Turf Underlay

Are you laying new grass and wanting to know the best soil for turf underlay? Coolhaven Turf have all the tips to help you get great results with your lawn. As a local turf farm, we have all the best advice to help you prepare for your new lawn. Many people ask what they need

  • How to prepare for laying turf

How to prepare for laying turf

At Coolhaven Turf we want you to achieve the best, most long-lasting results with your lawn, so we’ve put together this guide on how to prepare for laying turf. There’s nothing more rewarding then stepping back to admire your new green lawn. But to prevent all your hard work from going to waste you need

  • Turf Supplier Caloundra

Turf Supplier Caloundra

If you’re looking for a Turf Supplier Caloundra is serviced by a great, local farm, Coolhaven Turf. We’re always willing to help give advice to help you pick the best turf for your local soil. Coolhaven Turf grow and provide a top range of quality turf perfect for any back, front or side yard or

  • Grass Suppliers North Brisbane

Grass Suppliers North Brisbane

If you’re looking for one of the top Grass Suppliers North Brisbane is serviced by Coolhaven Turf. We’re ready to give your garden a facelift and rescue you from dead grass, a muddy front lawn or a bare backyard. At Coolhaven Turf, we can offer advice, lay or supply new turf and answer any questions

  • Best Time of Year to Lay Turf in the Sunshine Coast

Best Time of Year to Lay Turf in the Sunshine Coast

As Queensland’s best turf provider, Coolhaven Turf know all there is to know about lawn and can tell you the best time of year to lay turf in the Sunshine Coast. Whether you’re putting down brand new lawn for the first time or removing old lawn for the next chapter, the team at Coolhaven can

  • Aura Turf Supplier

Aura Turf Supplier

Add a touch of green to your life with a new lawn thanks to Coolhaven Turf – your Aura turf supplier. There’s no greater feeling than walking on the freshly laid turf at your new home and Coolhaven Turf are the best choice to do the job. So whether you’re ready to move in, halfway