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  • Turf Farm Sunshine Coast

Turf Farm Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for your nearest turf farm Sunshine Coast? Coolhaven Turf is the provider of premium quality turf available direct from the farm and delivered throughout Queensland.

As the largest native turf grower, we happily offer our turf for sale to the general public, fulfilling both large and small orders with wholesale pricing also available to businesses and bulk buyers.

We also have professional turf layers ready to help our customers.

We have nothing but the best in quality turf for all our customers. Find out more about the Coolhaven range, call us on 0409 549 603 or send us an online message here.

Buying Turf straight from the Farm

We feel one of the most important parts of choosing the best turf is making sure you buy it from a reputable supplier, like Coolhaven Turf, so that you can be sure it’ll last past the first week.

We are based on the Sunshine Coast and have years of experience in growing turf that looks great but is also suited to withstand our harsh weather conditions in Australia.

We have many types of turf available including Empire Zoysia and Prestige Buffalo with most of our range requiring less water, food and mowing than other types out there. We can even advise you on the best kind of turf for your soil, whether it’s sandier, clay based or somewhere in between.

Growing and transporting our own turf has allowed us to provide our services to South East Queensland and Central Queensland and also means we can provide our customers with a premium quality turf.

Benefits of Buying Direct from the Turf Farm

There are many benefits to buying direct from the turf:

  • Because you are buying from the farm, you receive fresh lush green turf.
  • Turf can be laid quickly and directly on to the ground to replace old, dried up or otherwise damaged turf.
  • You can buy the highest quality turf possible, direct from the grower. It’s cut right on the farm and taken to your home or business.
  • When buying in the local area, you know you are purchasing a turf that can withstand the same conditions.

Turf Farm Sunshine Coast

We’re proud to be Australian owned and operated, providing the sunshine coast region with fresh, strong, locally grown turf.

When you’re looking for a new lawn, buy direct from Coolhaven Turf, your local turf farm Sunshine Coast. You can call us on 0409 549 603 or enquire online here.

Growing and laying turf is what Coolhaven Turf can do best. We provide turf laying services to the Sunshine Coast to South East and Central Queensland.

Family Owned and Operated – Coolhaven Turf provides a variety of turf whether is’t for a big yard, small yard or even just a courtyard. Choose from Empire Zoysia, Prestige Buffalo, Sapphire Buffalo and Wintergreen Couch here at Coolhaven Turf.

If your lawn is letting you down, maybe it’s time to check out our variety of turf. Contact us on 0409 549 603, send us an email on sales@coolhaventurf.com.au or alternatively enquire online.

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