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Your lawn is the foundation for many of your favourite activities, but did you know that lawn has many environmental benefits as well? Besides being attractive and functional, turf also plays a significant role in our ecosystem. In fact, the healthier the turf, the more protective it is of the environment. Healthy turf minimises erosion, reduces runoff, absorbs rainwater, neutralises pollutants, cleans the air and more.

Prevention of Soil Erosion

Grass protects the soil underneath from erosion caused by wind and water. The roots of healthy turf stabilise the soil by keeping it from shifting. Dense turf can also reduce dust by preventing the soil from being blown around by the wind.

Absorption of Rainwater

Turf also helps reduce runoff by capturing and filtering rain, which also replenishes groundwater supply. The leaves and stems of grass cover soil and catch raindrops, interrupting runoff flow long enough to give the soil particles a chance to soak up the water.

Noise and Glare Reduction

Turf is non-reflective, so it acts as a kind of screen, softening the sun’s glare. Turf can also absorb sound (as can trees and shrubs), as opposed to hard surfaces such as asphalt, which reflect sound. Your turf can significantly reduce both glare and noise in and around your home, fashioning your yard into an all-around more pleasant place to spend your time.

Natural Air Cleaning

Turf naturally consumes carbon dioxide and converts it into oxygen and carbon. Your own lawn is capable of providing you with most of the air you breathe, day after day. Turf also takes in other gases such as sulphur dioxide. These pollutants would otherwise create a haze that could significantly reduce sunlight and have potentially harmful effects on your health.

Where to Buy Turf in Gympie, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast

Turf grass offers all of the above benefits in addition to providing a comfortable and attractive place for you and your family, friends and pets. Are you looking for the best place to buy turf on the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Gympie or Brisbane areas? Look no further than Coolhaven Turf. We are an Australian family owned and operated business offering excellent options in turf, whether you need a little or a lot. We are the largest native turf grower, we are happy to provide wholesale options to businesses and bulk buyers and we can sell our turf directly to the public.

You can lay your new turf yourself, or you can use our professional turf layers to make your experience even easier. Choose one of our premium turf grasses and get ready to have the best lawn on your street! You’ll also be doing your part to protect the environment. Our turf requires less water, food and mowing than many other turf varieties out there that may only offer aesthetic appeal. So make the best choice for your home or business, contact Coolhaven Turf today and see how easy a beautiful, healthy lawn can be.